Jinja Rush Pālanā Foods #11 German Nats and 3rd KoS

Vocke 183

This deck took me far in the nationals, still I am wondering a bit why! Game plan is simple: Rush two agendas, preferably SSL Endorsement first behind Jinja City Grid, draw into your ICE with Rashida and Special Report, save your scoring remote with all the upgrades and bring through one Gene Splicer. Done.

This Deck has fast power in the beginning, loses its power though if you draw unluckily, so be quick. Winning Batty's Mind Games behind that Rototurret can win you the game and Ark Lockdown is a good meta call (managed to shoot bin breakers, 2 copies of Levy and 3 copies of Sure Gamble against a Shadow Net playing Hayley).

6 Sep 2018 gegenzeit

This turned out a lot better than you expected!

Grrrrrr@Batty!!!!! ... pesky little bugger that he is ... :)