[Startup] Pearl Diver

branimated 507

published by AlwaysBeRunning.net

15 Mar 2022 Rahrhino

I would have thought Dirty Laundry would be very strong in a deck like this? Cool idea though, it's a shame Swift is the only way of squeezing out that extra click for Deep Dive in startup but it looks like it might work!

12 Apr 2022 branimated

Dirty Laundry was in the early builds, but ultimately it got squeezed out in favor of Bravado and an additional copy of a combo piece. And yeah, the dependence on Swift is annoying but you don't need it, since the top 8 only has 1 agenda in it fairly often anyway.

It's worth noting that on the day, this list was sloooooooooow and I ended up porting it to Tao (dropping ProCo for a blend of Diesel and VRcation). I'm not sure if the Tao version is better, but dropping Khusyuk for Conduit means I win more games :) Also, T400 was worse than DZMZ. I missed the extra credits.