Deal with the Devil

Indraklyr 109

The goal is simple: get Eater/Faust as quickly as possible, use Account Siphon and Vamp to get the Corp down to no money, and then install Data Leak Reversal and go to town! With the extra clicks from Joshua B., Stim Dealer, and Amped Up, you can easily mill 5-10 cards in a single turn. And with the help of Fall Guy to protect your DLRs, it's incredibly difficult for the Corp to trash DLR, especially if you keep siphoning/vamping to prevent them from getting enough credits to be a threat.

Faust helps enormously in this deck, since the extra clicks from Joshua B. and Stim Dealer allow you to use Duggar's and run on the same turn. It's awesome to spend your first four clicks to draw 10 cards, one of which is quite likely to be an Account Siphon, which you then use to run on HQ. Faust will get you in essentially for free: after all, weren't you going to dump those cards at the end of your turn anyway?

Of course, with Stim Dealer and Amped Up, you're going to take a fair amount of brain damage, which is what the Origami are for. With these little guys, you can stay mostly-not braindead long enough to mill more than enough agendas to go for the win.

I've had a lot of fun with this deck, since it's a breed of Anarch aggression that the Corp probably won't be ready for. There's still a lot of room for experimentation, but I hope you guys enjoy making your own Deals with the Devil.

2 Jul 2015 sruman

Seems to need a hades shard no in case you get locked out of archives for some reason.

2 Jul 2015 WardOfTheWoods

Played a deviation this deck on OCTGN. I replaced a Siphon with a Levy AR Lab Access and a Hades Shard and was really pleased at how the deck handled itself against glacier builds. The recursion helped immensely. I found myself drawing my deck out fairly easily and to have that added steam often helped in the long games against RP. One thing I noticed was the lack of E3 Feedbacks. With Faust, that creates a LOT of longevity and gives a good bang for your buck. Not sure what I'd cut for 2 copies though. Maybe the Fall Guys and Hades Shard, idk. Still, very fun deck, thanks for sharing!

2 Jul 2015 SlayerCNV

I changed it a bit. This deck appears awesome.

3 Jul 2015 CommissarFeesh

Unless you're gonna burn through a few versions of your AIs, Swordsman and Turing are going to hurt. I'd maybe find room for either parasites or backup breakers of some kind. Otherwise looks like a blast!

3 Jul 2015 pruneface

Woop! Thank you for the list.

Parasite is probably a must. Swordsman isn't that popular in my meta (that is, yet...) but other anarch hate cards (lotus, architect, wraparound, turing) are. Lotus and architect you can just AI through. Turing on remote you'd need david, but as you have vamp you can probably get round that issue. Turing and wrap on centrals become a huge tax.

Crisium and asset econ is gonna be a pain (as ever) for this kind of deck. Batty + destroyer could also probably set you back some.

8 Jul 2015 Talism

what no hyperdriver, im ashamed of you!