Mopus Kit with The Source [SOCR4]

presheaf 585

This is my Runner deck for SOCR4. Unlike my Corp deck, it went virtually unchanged throughout the tournament. Also unlike my Corp deck, I didn't really win a single game with this before the last round of Swiss. Oh well.

The core plan of this deck is not very exciting - get Magnum Opus online ASAP and make money. Somewhat naively I figured this would be a pretty good plan in Cache Refresh, which I thought would be a significantly slower format than Standard. I think the plan isn't quite as bad as my record with it is, though.

In this deck, I got to play a couple of cards I normally don't, of which I was happy with something like one out of three. First off, I put The Source in because Clot isn't in the format, and using Magnum Opus to remote lock can lose both to FA and to Corps using NA baits to tax you out until they know they can score safely, as your economy is very predictable. It took me a couple of games to get the hang of using it effectively - I think in my first four rounds I put it down essentially at random, and ended up hurting myself more than anyone else with it - but I eventually figured out that by saving it until the Corp reaches 5 points, it gets pretty potent.

I can't really recommend it based on its performance, but it's definitely not the worst card in the deck. With NGO being printed, I'm less happy about it because IA isn't quite as obvious a signal that there's an agenda anymore, but it was fun while it lasted.

Secondly, I play Corp Defector. There's no good excuse here except that I have a soft spot for it, but it makes a little bit of sense here. It is intended as a way to know when HQ is a good place to run, as you can force agendas to build up by maintaining a credible remote threat, but can't really afford to keep breaking the remote while checking HQ as well. It creates some fun situations like when the Corp click 1 draws a 5/3 and needs to do something weird with it to keep it safe which I enjoyed, but it didn't perform that well.

Thirdly, I play Careful Planning. I don't think I got to play it once the entire tournament, but it was very close to being useful twice, so I'm chalking that one up as a success. In principle, it's a flexible Inside Job which can also mess with upgrades. In practice, I could rarely afford to pay the play cost in games I hadn't already won.

So in retrospect, my lessons drawn here would be less tricks, more money. I think cutting Careful Planning, Tinkering, Corp Defector, 1x SoT, Inti, Dedicated Processor for 3x Dirty Laundry, 3x Daily Casts would skyrocket this deck to at least playable.