Same Ol' PD (7th at Worlds)

CritHitd20 6340

I was unwilling to learn how to play Aginfusion on two days' notice, so I waffled for a while between Asa and PD and finished here. Credit to Analyzechris for jamming games with this and discovering that Regolith solves the deck's biggest problem post-rotation: running poor. You trade one turn of the remote being safe for the runner in exchange for being able to take the lines you want to afterwards.

Anoetic Void was worthless in one game and won two games so I am happy with it. This is not a universal sentiment, but I appreciate that it gives you more lines against decks that can keep you off of NAC.

Went 4-2 at Worlds, lost mainly to NAC not showing up at times when I could score. I had some crazy flood all week but the deck has a lot of lines to mitigate the issue, and I think it's still a reasonable choice even with the Freedom deck being public knowledge.

11 Oct 2022 wiriamu

Love how well you consistently do! Is it talent, good karma from your service to the game, a deep familiarity with the cards you designed, or a mix of them all?

11 Oct 2022 CritHitd20

I credit mostly good fortune paired with above-average play/deckbuilding skill.