Another Stinson CI(3-1 Games and stuff SC)


This is the deck I decided to play at the Games and stuff store champ. It went 3-1 and I ended up 11 out of 21 I could have gotten higher if I hadn’t drop my last to games. I also enjoyed getting to use economic warfair in a tournament for the first time.

18 Feb 2018 kevintame

Nice Job at the tournament Beckett! This deck was a monster. When you stinsoned me all those times in our match the first game in round 1 I was pretty sad!

18 Feb 2018 kevintame

Nice meeting you and playing you at the tournament! In our game when you fired off Stinson 3+ times I was pretty sad. This deck is a monster!

18 Feb 2018 kevintame

Oops! Not sure why my first comment gave me an error when I submitted. So I retyped my comment and now they are both there. Anyways, nice job playing today.

18 Feb 2018 thebigunit3000

Cool Stinson CI deck -- Economic Warfare seems like a really strong new card for it!