Geist, Without Any Programs (Seriously, none)

LSK 4580

This isn't my list, for the most part.

A guy I respect very much was running a very similar list at a Chicago summer kit tournament. I cleaned his list up a bit and added Running Interference to give it a bit more teeth.

The schtick is pretty clear from the minute you see the deck list: there's no programs here! How can we possibly win Netrunner if we're not breaking ice?

Well, we're playing Criminal. Which gives us lots of Criminal things. Things like Inside Job. And Gang Sign. And... Crash Space? I can explain!

The general game plan is something like this:

Phase 1: Run a lot to pressure the corp to rez ice. Get The Supplier out ASAP.

Phase 2: Install Gang Signs and HQ Interfaces, using Inside Jobs and Running Interference to get the corp to double-ice their remotes.

Phase 3: Get Masanori / Data Leak Reversal / Crash Space out and start milling two cards per turn. If the corp's agendas are in HQ, you're going to score them; if they're in R&D, you're going to mill them. Repeat until the corp's either milled out or about to score out; when they're about to win, pop that Hades Shard and cross your fingers.

Normally, Data Leak Reversal decks are too slow to justify the combo - two cards a turn is nothing if you're not being interactive. This deck does have a lot of setup, but it makes up for it by forcing the corp to play carefully even when you're spending your turn doing Data Leak Reversal shenanigans.

20 Jul 2015 dante77

I play a very similiar deck. No icebreakers.

21 Jul 2015 daytodave

I'm am gonna fill my hand with Snares and Shocks and then score a Clone Retirement for the Ka-Boom!

Maybe find 1 influence for a Feedback Filter?

21 Jul 2015 Vermilious

@daytodave you don't install the HQI or Gang Sign vs Jinteki if you suspect this. Or, you do, and aggressively Utopia Shard. Or you use your Street Peddlers and Fall Guys before the Gang Sign triggers. This deck can soak a lot of damage from HQ.

21 Jul 2015 hi_impact

Spoilers may not make the deck better (-1 Levy -2 Source -1 Peddler +3 Spoilers +1 whatever) but it sure will make it much more hilarious.

21 Jul 2015 hi_impact

Hell you could even take the 9 influence I spent on Spoilers for 3x Hyperdrivers as well.

22 Jul 2015 simen

Not a ton of cards triggering Geist's ability. Maybe Andy would have been better?