Don't touch me I'm famous 3rd In Salford

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This is the runner deck I was undefeated with in the swiss at Salford SC. and Won 1 out of 2 cut games

The deck is built around synergy with crowdfunding, isolation, and Patchwork, with good stuff Anarch cards and things that reward running thrown into the mix.

"I don't think I've seen anyone with as impressive amount of alt arts as you Akira" - Russ

Round 1 - Beat Ash who was on Chris Dyer's blue sun list, hippoing the ice kept it poor. Sucker kept the servers cheap then Wheel tore open RnD to close the game.

Game 2 - Vs Chris on Murder Agnifusion - Accessed an obo in R&D early on and rightfully guessed they were on punative, did not rightfully guess they were also on HHN and HPT, turns spent clearing tags, and playing around punative. IHW was probably the all star card in this matchup.

Game 3 - Vs Davo on murder outfit. R&D let up some easy points, wheel dug deep, always played around HHN after seeing HPT on top. Discarding CF to isolate a CF in play then bring back 2 CF is unexpected burst that keeps you able to fight traces. Anyway I won

Game 4 - ID city

Cut Game 1

Vs Russ on rigshooter outfit: Probably the best game of the night. Early rebirth into Queztal stopped an early atlas rush, then an atlas was scored, my rig died about 6 times as I tanked all but ETR on tithonuim, I managed to keep rebuilding to get in, wheel digs found nothing. Match went to time and I won 6 points to 4. Shame, I would of liked to play it out, as I think I was putting on enough pressure but one wrong run and I could of been locked out.

Cut game 2: Vs Andrew on outfit: He rushed behind bulwark which I couldn't stop, auactiy atlas to 4 points, I played turtle and ran archives 3 times stealing an atlas. A top deck trojan killed the turtle. A card sat behind bulwark for 3 turns got double advanced, I ran rnd found SDS taking me to 5, Ran rnd and nothing, Ran HQ and nothing. SDS scored in the remote. This game went on a lot longer than this write up makes it sound, and that 1 turtle was the only breaker I found all game - Anarch problems.

All in all I am very pleased with this deck, and enjoyed the games with it.

Shout out to @Kikai for the skeleton this is based on.