[SOCR7] Hard-Click One More Time Me

ManBunBatty 52

My goals for Cache Refresh were simple - learn some of the new cards (I was coming back from an extensive ANR break), and play some IDs I hadn't played before (and perhaps wouldn't look to generally). This 419 went 4-2 in Swiss, landing me in 4th place for the cut.

In the cut, 419 went 0-3, getting me into the Semifinals but not contributing a thing...

This is the final version of the deck, there were 5 other versions before it. I really had no idea how runners were going to work in this format, and I quickly had to pivot from an aggressive style to one that is a little more campy and snipey. Running 10+ breakers feels so bad, and they are so expensive, the deck basically became breakers, econ, some Crim tricks to glue it all together.

Cards that matter in this list: Stimhack, Indexing, Sure Gamble, Falsified Creds.

Cards that are solid generally: Inside Job, Legwork, Spear Phishing. Maybe DooF?

Cards that never really saw play for one reason or another: Credit Kiting, Embezzle, Retrieval Run.

Seriously though: these breakers are no joke in how expensive they are. I honestly have no ideas how I won any games other than "Stimhack and Indexing are cards that absolutely win games."

Finally, I'd love to thank all my opponents in the tournament - thekuehm, Loveless, lostgeek, mcg, tolaasin, and RepoRogue. Thanks for the great games, sorry for the places where I lucksacked, thanks for helping me learn these cards and think about the game in terms different from Standard.

Built with: (A) 1 Revised Core, (B) Terminal Directive, (C) Honor and Profit (Big Box), (D) Kitara Cycle, and (E) Reign and Reverie. Note: we followed both MWL 2.1 and 2.2 as appropriate.