Who needs Surveyor? 1st Örebro Regionals MWL 2.2

Siegl 682

I played this Swappy Bois version in Aarhus last weekend and came in second after TugtetguT.

This tournament we played with the new MWL however so I had to make some changes. Losing Stinson didn't feel like a big deal, but having to cut either GFI or Surveyor was rough.

I went back and forth on it, but in the end I decided to keep the GFIs. With Mad Dash out of the meta, not running a real 5/3 feels really good.

Swapping out Surveyor for FC3 proved to be a decent choice. Chiyashi was worthless though, Tracker/Anansi are equally, if not more taxing for less money.

With no more CV to worry about I could safely slot Celebrity Gift, which can provide a very valuable boost in the early game or after expensive rezzes.

It all turned out quite well, going 5-1 on the day, with one more loss in an ID-game (ID:d, but played).

27 Aug 2018 fgcsem4n

Why Envelope instead of Kakugo?

27 Aug 2018 Venali

@fgcsem4n I suspect it's to prevent TTW counter farming. Basically everything in here minus Thimblerig requires breaking to avoid punishment, and with Thimblerig you can just move it to a better place to prevent that farming next turn.

28 Aug 2018 Siegl

@fgcsem4neverything @Venalisaid is correct. I would only like to add that it's twice as expensive to break for Paperclip, 2 instead of 1 ;)

29 Aug 2018 BizTheDad

Yeah, this deck is really strong. 6-1 with it on J-Net. Thanks for sharing.