Akiko Spoon-Kicker: "Her Spoons Have The Power of Kicks"

lukifer 996


It's easy to mistake Akiko's text box as a multi-access ability; to the astute observer, it actually reads: "When you make a successful run on R&D, the Corp loses 1 credit".

This deck is an econ denial / ICE destruction engine built on that premise, alternating between mashing Opus and carving a hole through R&D, pausing to occasionally poke HQ and remotes just enough to keep the Corp spending money. On your R&D runs, you want to pretty much always bid 0: either the Corp cheaps out and lets you see an extra card; or, you force them to spend their precious bucks, which they would otherwise use to replace ICE that you blow up. (Late in the game, when the Corp is habituated to paying 1, you can occasionally swerve and bid 1 to see an extra card and close the game.)

Anything cheap to break, drop a Kyuban and get paid to run it, pressuring the Corp to replace it themselves. Anything expensive wins a date with Mr. Spoon. (In a pinch, Spooned can also function as a quasi-Inside-Job against a rushed remote, but I try to save it for R&D.)

We have a couple other breakers for backup, but generally Engolos do all the work. 2x is theoretically enough, but the consistency of 3x helps with early pressure (also, there's been a lot of rigshooting on Jnet lately).

This deck suffers from the slow setup of any Opus deck, and so is poorly matched against the Tier 1 rush archetypes (Mti, CTM). Still, it's fun as hell, with roughly a 65% win rate on Jnet. Enjoy!

My Spoon Is Too Big

3 Nov 2018 zengoshugoju

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