Seamless Boatcrash

Bridgeman 1639

This was a deck I built during Unbands pre-APAC preparations. The team had been fiddling around with NEH a bit and I was trying my own version.

This deck was trying to adress two key problems:

  • Boat is too good, and we want to punish people for playing it
  • You cant play the long game as corp because runners have too much drip

To adress the Boat we are on Amani Senai to be able to leverage a credit lead into a boat bounce, and we are on cryptocrash plus seamless launch to make this a lot easier to pull off.

To address the long game inevitability of runners this deck is trying to force early interaction through several annoying little threats . Of course seamless + cryptocrash + amani is a big threat. But also malia and bladderwort can disrupt the runners flow. Keep in mind these are threats that exist without revealing any information, no need to advance any cards to threaten big plays here.

We also have the more passive threat to have drip of our own from the pad campaigns and nasx. Runners we were expecting typically could not afford to just trash all the assets and so these would often get to stay on the board long enough to be valuable.

The deck was a real contender for the continentals season(mainly APAC), especially because runners were so strong and finding a good corp was really hard. This was one of the few that seemed like it could steal wins even from strong players if you just get a good start. In the end though it was not the most consistent option and was put back on the shelf, but as a concept I think it is still interesting.

Unfortunately it is hard for asset decks to thrive in general, and with the prescence of Freedom in the meta this becomes even harder. Naturally tag decks also struggle largely because of misdirection.

I have some other iterations of this deck, but they have not been tested super rigourously yet so it is a bit unclear exactly what it should look like. Nevertheless this is the version my dear buddy and world champion Sokka will be playing on stream today! Dont forget to check him out at

The other main version was trying to punish aggressive trashing mainly from Freedom by adding another HHN, Market forces and an SFG while also trying to bring the overall rez cost of ice down. Unfortunately this makes you weaker to shapers who ingore tags via misdirection :D Anyway here is that version as well:

Agenda (9) 1x 15 Minutes 3x Artificial Cryptocrash 3x Bellona 1x Project Beale 1x Tomorrow's Headline

Asset (22)

3x Amani Senai 3x Bladderwort ●●●●● ● 2x Launch Campaign 1x Malia Z0L0K4 ● 3x Marilyn Campaign ●●● 1x NASX 3x PAD Campaign 3x Rashida Jaheem 3x Spin Doctor

Operation (10) 3x Hard-Hitting News 2x Market Forces 1x Psychographics 3x Seamless Launch ●●●●● ● 1x Self-Growth Program

Barrier (6) 2x Endless EULA 2x IP Block 2x Ping

Code Gate (1) 1x Magnet ●

Sentry (1) 1x Turnpike

Hope you enjoy the deck and the stream!