Surfer Kit

Lttlefoot 1090

Paintbrush can make ice barriers as well as code gates, then you can surf them right into a server ignoring all other ice. Tyson finds blackguard which can force the corp to Rez the ice so you can paint, encounter and surf it. Faust can get you into 2-ice servers before your combo is set up.

10 Aug 2015 Mechanoise

@Lttlefoot Love the idea, and hope it does work out, just bare in mind Study Guide is an expensive tool to boost, costing you 10 to get up to strength 5, and the hit you'd take from having to install Blackguard will hurt your tempo and being aggressive early.

Surfer is an interesting choice, though you'd only ever want to make an ICE a Barrier to swap its position to bring the Code Gates in from the Outermost Piece if needed.

So the question is how you deal with the cost. It's a shame that you are running 3 copies of Tyson Observatory just for Blackguard. I appreciate it's the best tutor as you cannot run more than 1 copy of blackguard, but also bare in mind any issues you might have with holding cards such as Modded and Infiltration.

Good luck and let me know how it gets on. :)

20 Aug 2015 unitled

I think the point here is that ice is either: peanuts to break with Study guide, or; can be surfed right the way into the server. Paintbrush lets you tackle pesky sentries or turns larger barriers into Code Gates too for added surfing fun.

I think there's the core of a really interesting deck here, but it may need some refining. I'm not totally convinced by Blackguard as it's so slow (though undoubtedly powerful with Snitch). I think 3 Net Celeb and 3 Infiltration could certainly be swapped around, maybe for Lady and Kati, probably a ProCon too?

Some recurring creds to use programs would be ideal to fuel surfer, shame that Multithreader is a dot of inf as you're so tight in Kit :(