Multithreader 3[credit]

Memory: 1 • Strength: -
Influence: 1

2[recurring credit]

Use these credits to pay for using programs.

Bioroids have two brains running in parallel, each capable of running sophisticated programming. There are certain advantages to the setup.
Illustrated by Lili Ibrahim
Decklists with this card

Data and Destiny (dad)

#40 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)

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I love this card - for 1 influence and 1, you can have some extremely versatile recurring credits available to you. Not only can you use them to pay for icebreakers, but you can get some non-icebreaking utility out of your money as well:

  • Pay for using Self-modifying Code
  • Pay to place power counters on an Atman when you install it
  • Pay to tutor out a Virus program with Djinn (and host the Multithreader on Djinn)
  • Pay to increase the strength Study Guide

Obviously, "only" 1 is a pretty big drawback when compared with its little brother Cyberfeeder, but there are some means of mitigating this drawback:

  • Shapers seem most naturally suited to using these as they have cheap Memory programs and have all the tools to reward them for finding/installing programs anyway: Leprechaun,Akamatsu Mem Chip, CyberSolutions Mem Chip. Additionally, programs like ZU.13 Key Master can help to reduce your memory constraint if you're running with an excess of .

  • Sunny Lebeau: Security Specialist introduces breakers that have an effective 0 cost if used with 2 , leaving her with a ton of room for extraneous programs. With her console, you could have all 3 of these programs out plus your breakers and STILL get the drip from Data Folding.

Final note - I love referential art, and Multithreader depicts a virtual avatar of Adam: Compulsive Hacker utilizing four programs - Knight, Overmind, Self-modifying Code and Passport.

(Data and Destiny era)
His four arms are also similar to Sage - another icebreaker that needs 2 credits to use. Sage also plays nicely with Adam's console: Brain Chip. —
More pay for using (non standard icebreaker) options: Net Shield, Surfer, Savoir-faire, LLDS Energy Regulator, Bug, Femme Fatale bypass, Darwin counter —

While psi_lifeup has an excellent write up from when the card launched, time has moved on. Multithreader has a new sibling from Ashes, Rezeki. I think that people are reaching for the shiny green thing where this might work?

Rezeki is clean. 1 and for outside shaper though, it's the same influence as multithreader. And I suppose that you can have the credit carry over to the next turn. But when are you not breaking ice or playing cards?

Multithreader is more restricted, it costs more if you don't run straight after install. You also need to run each turn to activate it. It sure is a shame that the name of the game doesn't mention running... The payoff is an extra who knows if that makes better in general. But if you're running each turn, a free credit is stil a credit.

The real downside is that it costs influence in shaper.

(System Update 2021 era)

Rezeki is now banned, but how does Multithreaded compare to Cezve?

This is the more affordable, influence wise, equivalent to Cezve. The nearest comparison to it is Mantle, which can also be used to pay for using program, with the need to run a central, like Cezve. All for the same influence.

Since it "gives" 2, it repay itself back on the second time you used it. But 3 is not cheap and can set the runner back a bit, but running ices for nearly nothing is always worth it.

As of the Q2 2023 meta, it is not widely used. Shapers have Mantle and K2CP Turbine, Criminals have Cezve and Anarchs have Leech and Ice Carver, all of which does reduce the number of credits needed to pass ices. Of course, for program like Misdirection, having Multithreader makes it easy to pay for it. Same goes for the seldom used Tracker.

It pairs well with another seldom used program from the card pool of Adam : Algernon. With it, you can have an additional click "for free" each turn. This would offset the cost of using Always Be Running.

It also pairs well with Hyperbaric, because it let you boost the strenght of it for free each turn, without the need to run a server.

Finally, it also pairs well with Self-modifying Code, making it free to use.

The art is nice, if slightly strange, because it represent a simulation of a bioroid and its capacity to multitask. The quote bring to the foreground a piece of lore about the bioroid design, which is great and thematic. Finally, the name bring everything together in harmony. Excellent work!

(Parhelion era)