Feeding the World, Perfecting the Future v0.1

Friff14 583

No really, we're the good guys!

Now that we have Global Food Initiative, we have a serious way to make a Medtech deck without Shi.Kyū. They will still have to steal 3, and we'll only have to score two. The exception is, of course, if they score two TFPs. I'm here to find out if they can do that consistently. The real goal is just to have a ridiculously fast deck that's hard to keep up with. We'll see how that works out.

We had to clear out some influence for Global Food Initiative, so Ash had to go. It's not too bad though, because Marcus Batty may just be a better version of Ash without any influence cost. And no, there are no weird tricks with Marcus here. No program trashing or anything like that. Just straight up end the run. Or Susanoo.

Not sold on the economy yet. I wanted mostly operations, but Melange is pretty good in glacier decks so I really wanted that too. It's better than Mental Health Clinic or PAD Campaign here just because the other ones take so much time to be effective and probably won't work too well in my Whizzard-heavy meta. Melange can just sit in my scoring server until I have enough money or they trash it. Celebrity Gift is going to be good here because I don't have anything to hide. We're the good guys, remember?

Comment if you want to test it out. We'll try it on OCTGN with something as proxies for the GFIs.

19 Aug 2015 gumonshoe

GFI should be rezzed on OCTGN.

The thing that keeps me off of decks like this are inside job & shaper's ability to rig out extremely quickly, almost as fast as you can score. Caprice & Batty help, but I'm not sure it'll be enough. I like the 3x Ashigaru, it should help if you can knock them out with nisei or batty. This feels like its on the edge just looking. It has the ability to tax, but may not be taxing enough against a souped up runner meta.

19 Aug 2015 Friff14

GFI got rezzed on OCTGN about an hour after I posted the deck. :)

I really need to play it against standard Shaper decks. But right now it seems everyone wants to play Sunny and Apex. Other than the new runners I've only played against anarchs and one giant mill Hayley deck.

But I feel like this is close enough to Tier 1 that if I pilot it right I'll be able to win consistently. If it scores once, it generally wins. I've only lost one game where I actually had any points.