Operation: Double • Cost: 3 • Influence: 3

As an additional cost to play this operation, spend click.

Reveal up to 5 cards in HQ to the Runner. Gain 2credit for each card revealed.

When Miranda Rhapsody showed up with a teacup giraffe, suddenly everybody wanted one.
Jinteki • Matt Zeilinger • Opening Moves 12
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Celebrity Gift
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"Hey, boss, that card art's ready."

"Looks pretty good... but it's not edgy enough,"


"Yeah, needs more gritty cyberpunk."

"But it's a cute tiny giraffe, it's not supposed to-"

"Put some wires or something in her other arm."


"Just do it."

"But.... uhh... okay, sure, I guess. Why not."

I love this card for several reasons. First, as already mentioned, it's a solid econ card for Jinteki, something they don't get all that often.

Secondly, and most people consider this a downside, you have to reveal your entire hand to make it the most effective. And while it's true that this can be awkward for Jinteki, it also opens up a lot of great plays that exploit the information given to the runner. The obvious one is to show a hand full of nasty traps. The runner won't be going there any time soon, so you have a bit of breathing room when you do get some agendas in HQ.

The other, I think, has the potential to be even more powerful, albeit somewhat janky/risky.

Show them a hand full of agendas.

"STONE THE BLASPHEMER", you say. That's stupid! And most of the time, you would be right. But when the runner goes for a Legwork, you have a nicely advanced Allele Repression the runner thinks is an abanonded Project Junebug, and you also have 3x Snare! in Archives...

(Or I guess you could try to lure them into some kind of horrible Whirlpool/The Twins/Komainu/Cell Portal/Janus 1.0 jank.)

(Kala Ghoda era)
Or you could run it in Weyland, showing the runner your hand full of Punative Counterstrikes as you drop down Government Takeover. —
Muhahahahaha, I like the way you think. I'm going to have to try that now. —
So after reading one of the Android novels I think that the wire(s) in Miranda Rhapsody's arm(s) indicates that either she IS a bioroid or has modified herself to look like one as some kind of fashion statement. —
She's a clone, not a bioroid. —

One of my favourite bits of design in the whole game, for several reasons.

  • It's a strong, efficient economy card. Best-case, it gives you net 7 credits for 2 clicks - nearly as strong as a double hedge fund, and from a lower base as well.

  • It balances out that strength with several interesting drawbacks. Most obviously, it's becomes rapidly less efficient if you have less than 6 cards in hand before you play it. There is also the possibility that you'll have more, agenda points in hand than you're comfortable showing the runner, leaving you both flooded and poor. The double click is a bigger ask for the corp than for the runner, and makes this a problematic turn one play.

  • Most interesting is the question of playing it with traps like Snare and Shock in hand. On the one hand, you miss out on the runner possibly faceplanting HQ with a fatal Legwork. On the other, showing off your spiky hand wards off runs on the agenda points you hold in HQ or might hold later. There's also the possibility of revealing your use of an unorthodox trap such as Edge of World. For a corp which thrives on confusion, giving away info is a real cost. Celebrity Gift is a good example of the influence system at work - the card gets played where its use is most involved and interesting, not where it is strongest.

  • Coming out of Genesis cycle, Jinteki sometimes felt a mass of gimmicks and tricks with nothing tying their use together. You had all manner of convoluted kill conditions, but lacked the money or defenses to pressure a wary runner into triggering them - weak ice was particularly harmful at a point where siphon abuse was its most rampant. This card, an actual efficient source of money, and Himitsu-Bako, a small, handy etr ice, marked a sea change for Jinteki, where the trickery started to get supported with solid cards.

  • It has an adorable giraffe on the art. Nothing seals a CCG card as a fan favourite like furry little critters of doom. If the thematic justification for the effect, where Jinteki's publicity stunts give away their schemes, is a bit of a stretch, it's still quite clever. The card always makes me smile when I hold it in hand.

Gift isn't as common as it was outside of CI these days, but it still stands up as a lovely card on its own merits, and worth thinking about for most Jinteki decks.

(Order and Chaos era)
It has particularly good synergy with Subliminal Messaging. —
For added fun, reveal four cards from a five card HQ and watch the Runner fret about what specific card you didn't want them to know about... —

After playing with Celebrity Gift for awhile out of Chronos Protocol: Selective Mind-mapping and Jinteki: Potential Unleashed, first reluctantly and then wholeheartedly, I've come to some conclusions:

  1. It's one of Jinteki's best economy cards. Aside from Sundew out of Jinteki: Replicating Perfection, or horizontal Industrial Genomics: Growing Solutions builds, it's usually not convenient to use economy assets, since Jinteki's not that good at actually keeping runners out. If we're relying on operation economy, this is one of the stronger ones, netting 7 for two clicks - better than a turn of Melange Mining Corp.

  2. The reveal seems like a downside, but actually is usually neutral or even advantageous. You have access to lots of cards the runner doesn't want to hit, and you can use those to turn the reveal into an intimidation tactic rather than a concession.

  3. There are nuances to using it: the number revealed, and when to play it. You can reveal less than 5 and leave them guessing as to what else is there, but I always show the whole hand. Unless you're running a weird list, a good player will guess your capabilities already, so the raw economic efficiency will usually be more helpful than the slight possibility of surprising them.

  4. As far as timing, I'll pretty much do it any time I'm not flooded if I need the money. It's like Accelerated Beta Test - you've just gotta believe. Keep some traps, a decently taxing HQ, or change the contents of your hand, and it won't make a run much more appealing, even if you showed an agenda or two.

  5. No matter what you show, the runner will be closer to knowing where the remaining agendas are.

  6. You still have one click to use. Consider playing Gift and then overdrawing, especially with Jackson Howard if you have one out, so you can minimize the information the runner gained from your reveal. Special Report is a great card to have.

  7. It's just a strong and interesting card to use, and I hope they reimplement it post-rotation.
(Martial Law era)
...And they did! —