All The Tools - GenCon (23rd place)

scd 190

This is the latest version of the HB: EtF fast advance deck I've been tweaking for the past few months. I piloted this to a 23rd place finish at the GenCon North American Championships this weekend. Not great, but decent, and thought I'd share this to get more ideas on how to tweak it further.

It's based on the shell that @joseki developed a while back, and which @phette23 piloted at a recent Regionals. I took my last deck, added Eric's ICE suite, and did a few small tweaks here and there to get to where I'm at now. It did fine enough at the tournament -- 4-3 -- but I'm posting here mainly because I think this kind of HB Moons deck is fun, if not quite as effective as others.

The basic idea is to just have all the FA tools you can have -- SanSan City Grids, Biotic Labors, Bioroid Work Crews, Jeeves. I'd literally never played with Jeeves before this tournament (having added him in based on Eric's earlier deck) but I never once rezzed a Jeeves during the tournament. Perhaps I should have, I dunno.

Also, a lot of the earlier versions of this didn't have any Jacksons and used the influence instead on Mumba Temples. That's fine, but Jackson is a crutch and I need a crutch or two, so I slotted two Jacksons. Wish I could have three and still don't know how I'll cope when I can have zero soon enough. I'm also on 3x Architect -- I think having the third Architect was more valuable than the third Jackson, but I'm not certain of that. Runners surprisingly faceplanted into Architects multiple times during the tournament, which, well, helped.

I made room for a singleton Subliminal Messaging. The original version had two, Eric had zero. I think one of them needs to be in here. Two separate games got me two points (one the winning agenda) based on a Subliminal Messaging / Work Crew fast advance of a 3/2 agenda. Being able to fast advance it basically for FREE in EtF -- assuming gaining one credit gain from the Subliminal, one credit from the EtF install to cover the two spent on rezzing the Work Crew -- is just too good.

I liked that enough that I kind of want to go back up to 2 Subliminals, and 3x Work Crews, cutting the Jeeves. But, I also think I perhaps just don't know how to play with Jeeves yet.

Eric's ICE suite was perfect. In previous builds, I'd gone with 3x Eli and 3x Fairchild 3.0s, and the bioroids were just too porous. A single Vanilla saved me a couple turns one game. The Enigma surprise taxed a Runner a click another game which helped seal that game as well. They're just 1x cards, but necessary as far as I'm concerned.

Fun deck!