[Startup] Drunken boxing - 2 Flatlines in Metropole GNK

hedonismbot 31

"A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds." - some asshole, probably.

This is the deck I brought to the Metropole Grid GNK. I flatlined two Runners with it, and (shamefully) it did better than the serious deck I brought.

The plan? You're playing Ampere, you don't have a plan. Your plan is to, hopefully, take advantage of the moments of indecision facing your opponent because THEY don't know what to expect. That indecision might give you a chance to do something sneaky. What, specifically? Whatever is in your hand. One day, you're an asset spam deck. Another day you might win by fast advance. Maybe you can sneak out an agenda on the table, or early behind some gearcheck ice.

I don't know, just play it and figure it out.