Flogging Sparky Old Sex Bots

Hyperbolic_Mess 179

Spark deck that went 4-1 at the Reading gnk carrying me to 7th out of 22 but was let down by maw bhagat Omar which went 2-3. Opening with an advert or two to force the runner to click for creds turn 1 to gamble or put down mopus feels good and the spark value keeps on coming in this new meta!

10 Oct 2017 Manadog

How often do you find Exchange to be a good play with no 3/1s? I suppose a situational 1 click for 1 point is still good.

10 Oct 2017 Hyperbolic_Mess

1 extra point is good for getting to 7 but I'm now working with -1 eoi +1 psycho -1 net quarantine -1 CST +1 15 minutes +1 GFI with a changed up ice suite