Wild Val (14th @Domecon 2019)

@Bookkeeper 86

This is Chris Dyer's Val list with Crowdfundings, made less consistent by replacing the third Turning Wheel with a singleton Deuces Wild for when you need a universal card that has some interactions with the rest. Previously I experimented with Career Fair or Dorm Computer swapped for that 1 influence but I learned how to use Liberated Accounts (not to mention the CF, consuming 9 inf) and promised myself not to get tagged last click.

Nemamiah’s original list: https://netrunnerdb.com/pl/decklist/53533/standard-val-top-3-at-uk-ranking-finals

It's a good deck that got a bit nerfed and on the day it was piloted poorly. I won only one game with it and that was probably the only game in which I made good decisions.

Tournament report:

round 1: Bl4nk3t's Cybernetics Division - loss

A pleasure playing against that beautifully constructed deck. Bad timing and getting a bit cocky costed me a painful faceplant on FC3 protecting an Urban Renewal. From that point, Urban Renewal & MCAAP along with Corp ID ability made this a quick game. I found solace in seeing my first opponent getting to top 3. Side note: This deck, along with CableCarnage's Haarpsichord oddity made for the Sunday team tournament, were the two most inspiring builds I saw during the two-day event.

round 2: Odol's Mti Mwekundu - loss

The Red Tree was all over the field, I was lucky to meet only this one. Did he win on points? I think so. Odol was in control for the whole game, or actually both games, and I suppose I didn't know what hit me.

round 3: bye

round 4: rattkin's Blue Sun - draw

Our first game in which I was corping went awfully long and either of us couldn't secure the point advantage before the end of the round.

round 5: Pommes' Titan - win

We both knew we gotta go fast. Early Rebirth into Ed Kim, Hippo trashes for open R&D and frequent checks on centrals allowed disrupting Titan's gameplan of never/fast-advancing by removing the key combo pieces. One key run on the scoring remote for a RecoCo trash gave me breathing room. Scored 7 from R&D but it turned out Pommes was getting a bit flooded along the way as well. I guess you don't always get full Omar.

round 6: adquen's CTM- loss

Played rather poorly and let my opponent do his CTM thing, for which he was more than well-prepared. Went tag-me quite early after HHN, which inevitably resulted in a BOOM! end to that game (I think I managed to trash it once but it was a matter of time for it to get recurred with Preemptive Action and drawn again; missed it as one out of five on HQ run my last turn). The lesson is: always keep some savings for HHN traces.

I finished 14th/35 at Domecon, thanks to the better performance of my Argus deck: https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/54366/nihil-novi-argus-14th-domecon-2019- The event was an absoulute blast and dome_ did a wonderful job organising it.