Pretty Traumatizing Sabotage Deck

koga 1336

PTSD is a fun deck.

In its own way.

Run Archives when you can, put a Bomb and a Nga on the table, drop Botulus on some ice there to make your life easier or get in with Boat, kill some ice with Hippo, smash Zer0 a bunch and things will be alright.

It's an extremely rudimentary shell for now, it pretty much just looks like Hoshipko with some cute cards in it, the list seems to be easily tunable with more Moshings, Gachapons, whatever you feel like playing. There's no finisher for now, a pair of Chastushkas might be correct, maybe a Stargate, but there's a ton of stuff you wanna do already. Figured I might as well share it before Invitational arrives, maybe someone ends up playing some version of it there :) I'm surely not the first to play something like this, but consider it my Netrunner Christmas present anyway

24 Dec 2022 Jinsei

Love it - Alice feels very at home for Core-Damageless sabotage.