Logos Leela

Nembras 20

For those who care about this kind of thing*, this deck took me to 2nd place at an 8 person store champ. 5 rounds of swiss, no cut.

*not saying I'm not one of thise people

I can't really explain why this deck works for me, I just instictively built it to suit my playstyle. Sit back, build up while oportunistically poking some servers, waiting for a chance to trigger the snowball. Once you have your breakers and money, Logos and Leela's ability basically let you threaten every remote at all times.

Indexing was a last minute include, and it was my favourite target for Logos on the day. Other targets included Account Siphon, Inside Job (mostly when I had RnD interface in play), a missing breaker or Kati if I was behind on money.

Councilman had its moment when an opponent forgot to rez his Sensies at the end of my turn.

Aaron wasn't legal for the tournament, but he will go into future versions. With him in the deck, Plascrete, Citadel Sanctuary and Networking will probably go out.

Faerie is nice to deal once with stacked sentries against mongoose, which is usually enough to get the access you need. It can also make a particular run cheaper if there's a sentry with an awkward strength for mongoose. But I think this will be next card to be cut.

Any comments and suggestions are highly appreciated. I have tons if fun with this deck and intend to continue playing and perfecting it.