Frantic Mawpus (2nd, Swansea Regional, UK, 2017)

Phoenix 244

This deck took me to second place at Swansea Regional, UK, 2017 to which 29 players showed up.

Deck only dropped one game all day in the winners bracket final to the eventual tournament winner @timfast who was on Moons. In that game, despite opening with Gamble, Opus, Bloo Moose I then proceeded to draw nothing but economy and recursion. 15 counter Moon behind Architect later and @timfast scores out in three turns.

Note on some of the interesting choices:

  • Hacktivist: It is a bit contentious at the moment as to how much this really slows down Moonspam (which is what it is in for). I am with @cerberus who is of the opinion that it is a must include. In fact if I was to go again I would have three. Yes it is a dead card in a lot of matches, but against Moons it can often slow them down enough to give you 2-3 turns. And Bloo Moose means no cards are dead right?
  • Archives Interface: Because Friends in High Places is a stupid, ridiculous, broken card that needs to die in fire. I don't even mind Moon herself!
  • Bloo Moose - Talking of stupid, ridiculous, broken cards..... I think I made upwards of 100 credits across the tournament.
  • Dedicated Processor - Put this on Yog.0 and never look back. Makes a mockery of Fairchild, DNA Tracker.... Yes it is a one of, but I drew it or binned and recurred it (or had the ability to) in every game. The extra influence over Net Ready Eyes is more than worth it I think.

Other than that this is pretty standard Frantic Coding/Magnum Opus/Vamp Anarch. Just does generally good things across the board. Too many decks have tried this combination to list here as inspiration - just do a deck list search for Frantic Coding, Magnum Opus and Vamp and you won't go far wrong.