1st Place GNK Cologne Death&Taxes

JackMade 2957

Went 3-1 with a timed win. It's not easy to tax a runner nowadays but this deck does a good job at it. I could see some changes including getting rid of the Pad Campains, because you often can't allow open remotes against Temüjin Contract or Security Testing. The Manta Grid is neat but not necessary. Biotic would have been good instead or just an Ash or two. All in all, i liked how the deck felt.

2 Apr 2017 1337J4NK5P4MM3R

Gratz on the results with Spark; got some questions about it..; Did the Free Lunches do a good job for you? Wouldnt be Ad Blitz a nice replacement for one of the Friends? Can u maybe justify open remotes with the inclusion of some Mumbad Virtual Tours (and therefore even play CPC generators)? All in all a nice list; funny thing is my Spark got the exactly same Agenda suite (with Ash instead of Manta Grid :D)

2 Apr 2017 JackMade

Free Lunch was good, especially if you get 4-6 counters. Just use them if you can score because of it or to trigger Manta Grid. Friends in High Places is so much better than Ad Blitz (install non-advertisments, no need to rez the stuff) that i would never consider swapping. CPC Generator seem bad for the same reason that Pad Campaign is probably bad. Mumbad Virtual Tour can be played around pretty easily, since you have no must trash assets. I would play CVS before playing MVT. I didn't play against Whizzard though, so perhaps MVT is good.

The Agenda Suite is cool. Feels HB.

3 Apr 2017 PeterPan

Grats again!
Hope you still have all your Click-Trackers^^
Dont forget to claim your spot on abr :)

3 Apr 2017 JackMade

By the way, Free Lunch was not amazing or anything. If you have a better idea, it should be the first ICE to be cut. Cobra on the other hand was nice. Perhaps you could play more of that.