akiko nisei, psychic detective

branimated 511

I've been having a blast with Akiko lately. Her ability fires a lot more than I expected, and I'm happy to pay 3 influence for fashion. The game plan here is simple: get money, swap or scoop ice on R&D, and pummel the Corp with R&D breaches, which either net agendas or make them lose money. It can be slow, but an early Aniccam helps out, and your endgame is brutal (unrelenting Conduit runs on an R&D protected thinly or not at all).

Corps with a very fast gameplan are tough, since your breakers cost 6c, and corps with homogenous taxrates on their ice are irritating (Architects of Tomorrow). Everyone else has a good chance of succumbing to your Ankusa/Inversificator + pile of credits, though.

After playing this in my Store Championship, my only regret is not bringing Clot for all of the FA Weyland that showed up. The MK could be replaced with Ika/etc to make influence room, but I have no idea what else I'd cut to make room for the Clot. Could go without a killer (pretty much everything is getting Pelangi'd anyway) or play 46 cards, or maybe trim a money card (booo).