Tunnel Vision - Deep Dive Lat 1st @Malmö CO 3-1

Bridgeman 989

Originally called We Need To Go Deeper - Tunnel Vision Lat until I realised "We Need To Go Deeper" was already a taken name :D

Like everybody else I wanted to try out Deep Dive when it came out :D This is what it looks like when you make a deck that is laser focused on that plan and that plan only.

This deck is.

  • Econ
  • Draw
  • Breakers
  • Combo enablers
  • Combo pieces

I tried to add as few cards that are not the things listed above as possible.


Mostly events, but also Daily casts cause it's the best money resource for no inf, and Pad Tap because it is just generally good but also it is hard for the corp to both have time to trash this and to properly prepare for the impending Deep Dives.

Telework contract because I found more money slots were needed.

Only one rezeki cause that is all we can fit in a full rig, you could make an argument for more though cause you wont always be using all your mem.


Diesel ofc, and Aniccam because we run a lot of events.

But most notably Moshing! Yes it is worth the three influence, it makes us blast through our deck much faster and lets us put our binbreakers and OOTA in our heap at the same time, the card is just sick.

We could be Tao just to have a smaller deck size, but in my Estimation the draw and link from Lat is better and makes us more robust overall.


We are dedicating as few slots as possible to these and compensating for it by drawing a lot of cards and having Engolo as a flex breaker. Paperclip ofc because it breaks efficiently and we can pitch it, but also MK Ultra because of the flexibility of not having to preinstall it and being able to pitch it.

Combo enablers:

Sometimes Beth ofc, but maily OOTA! Yes we are on 6 copies, the faster we can get a couple of these into our heap the smaller the chance is that the corp is prepared for what is about to happen.

Combo Pieces:

Three Deep Dives ofc, because that is what we are all about and we want to be able to play more than one on a combo turn.

But also an Encore! Often we have clicks left over on combo turns but have not yet won and Encore lets us gain some time to reapply pressure or clear tags in those cases.


DJ Fenris, typically for Steve ofc. Lets us get back lots of useful things, but is mainly there to secure our threat of Deep diving by recovering lost copies.

Citadel Sanctuary is there for all the tag shenanigans decks, but tbh you could probably cut it as those decks typically have a really hard time defending against Deep Dive anyway. However it does its job well, and works well with Lats link

The deck feels very strong, it basically auto wins against anything that has a hard time keeping you out of centrals or cannot score out fast enough.

It can have issues vs decks with net/meat damage because you may lose your Deep Dives, and against Glaciery Azmari lists because with multiple Border Controls and Bio Vaults it can be too expensive to get through the ice. I wouldn't consider those unwinnable though, you just have to play the odds and find the right windows :)


  • Against Rushy decks you sometimes feel you don't have time to click your teleworks
  • As mentioned Citadel can feel a bit redundant
  • As mentioned adding another Rezeki is probably not a bad idea
  • Jailbreak could be a Nice way to add the ability to snatch things out of HQ more while increasing the event density of the deck

Shoutout to my Team Unband as always for the great practice games!

Have fun with the list! :D