Blue Sun fuccoff 3.0 (Finnish Nationals 1st place) 29ppl

Tmts 230

This was a beast in Finnish Nationals tournament. Went overall 7-1. 5swiss round 4-1 and undefeaded top8 (3 games) Won against Hayley, MaXX, Valencia, 2x Noise and 2xWizzard . Only loss Valencia. 4 scoring win and 3 flatline When Old Hollywood datapack was released I knew my Mushin No Shin Blue Sun could shine. Need to score only 2 agendas to win. That’s huge! Only 5 agendas in deck says it all. I just needed to build right ICEs to tax runner so much that it demoralizes them even seeing 3-4 cards from RnD. Punitives Counterstrike for punishing them for stealing your precious points. Each ICEs has their own purposes. Even Lady would cry a little. D4v1d is a problem but didn’t overall bothered me so much. Targeted Marketing. Great card. If you can figure out what key cards runner has, this helps a lot.

Finnish Nationals

15 Sep 2015 tradet

Nice! What purpose does the two Negotiator serve? Didn't you have a problem with Film Critic?

15 Sep 2015 Tmts

Used it front of R&D. Often it gives you extra 2c when runner dont want to pay it. 4c swing is fine for me. Saw only one Film critics. Punitive is only plan B winning style of this deck.

15 Sep 2015 hi_impact

Interesting take on the 6 agenda suite. Cut the scorch entirely for more reliable OTG combos, and put in Vanity Project as a one-stop shop for the 7th point, instead of Public Support (deck slots) or Hostile (unreliable). The Government Takeover looks effectively dead in this deck, but that's not the point.

I do agree about the negotiator, it's alright here for sure, but it would be a much better choice over Caduceus if you ran Wormhole. Double utility as your Mimic bait and a Program trash target for Wormhole.

15 Sep 2015 hi_impact

Have you considered Twins? You can only have two optimal Curtain Walls up at any point and probably never two rezzed, and you can Twins your extra Curtain Walls and Hives when they try to crack an OTG combo.

17 Sep 2015 Dothanite

How was the singleton Targeted Marketing? You say it helped alot, but can you give us a little more detail of your use during the day?

19 Sep 2015 nixubeibe

I watched the final round of swiss you played and loved the deck! I swapped out 1 Meru Mati and and 1 Spiderweb for 2 Wormholes. I've felt the targeted marketing has been a good deterrent to keep the runner from playing key cartds that you feel could help them win.

19 Sep 2015 Tmts

Twins is good a good thing but I really dont like it that have trash same ICE from hand. Ofc at game point it's relevant.

Target Marketing. I just picked a card what I knew it would help runner. For example Valencia Blackmail or Liberared account. I'd saw those alot in that ID. Wizzard uses parasites or datasuckers. Choosed datasucker mostly.It crippled Losers final deck completely. Kate SMC or PPVP is save bets. Criminals Faerie or Corrorer (maybe Inside job). Rarely missed. Noise Cache or any good virus program. Gotta say it needs gut feeling to choose a card what feels is right choice.

1 Dec 2015 Salindurthas

Hmm, my friends and I are of the opinion that Errand Boy and Negotiator are terrible pieces of ice.
Why are they better than Caduceus, or perhaps even Shadow?

Why the single codegate? Surely an Enigma or 2 would be a good gearcheck?

I'm not saying you are wrong to have made those deck choices, but I'd like to understand why you think those choices are correct!