NetDeck Azmari - MI SC

negaDan 1

Ahead of the Michigan SC, I wasn't sold on any particular Corp so I went with what seemed strong and yet had some spice. I netdecked this from a list from York and made a few changes for my own liking. I think a few of the changes were good like adding another IPO and removing one DQ. If I were to build my own version of this deck I might slot the 3x Scarcity because it would be so brutal on turn 1. Overall, this went 3-2 on the day. Wins against 2x 419 and Leela. Losses against Leela and a Hayley. I've played a fair share of Azmari and find it strong but a bit dull. I liked the addition of Bio Vault though and the Crisium did help with Diversions and Stargates.

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