Aesops Rebooted (Crit Hit GNK 1st)

CritHitd20 4077

I brought the wrong version to the tournament but still went undefeated with this and Mirrormorph. Don't cut Clot no matter what. Reboot is boss, Paules is pretty good too.

26 Jan 2020 Saan

I have a deck that looks kinda similar (right now I'm messing with 3x Devil Charm, 1x Chisel as the bulk of my inf), but my mind never went to Reboot, which is a pretty cool card for keeping Aesop's burning. Also, is Jackpot! really better than Tech Writer? I ask this because I've never really messed around with Jackpot! before, and it seems at least kind of interesting here.

26 Jan 2020 CritHitd20

Honestly I haven't played with Tech Writer much but it's likely better. Jackpot is fun tho and very low-click commitment so that is nice. I don't think I'll keep it in future versions tho on the day of the tournament it averaged around 7 which did plenty.

1 Feb 2020 errantmage

Do you think that Dadiana is a better choice than Psych Mike? With 3 RDIs, I'd think a 4c refund on R&D runs would prove ideal.

2 Feb 2020 CritHitd20

I've used both and like both. I went with Dadiana that day because I expected faster corps and Dadiana is good for setup while Mike is good for endgame. I'll be honest tho I also just like playing with weird cards because it keeps the game feeling fresh for me.