Space Jam - Top 16 Worlds - Top HB

mathandlove 422

Jinju City Grid + Surveyor + Mumbad City Grid kept all the runners out!

This deck lost only once carrying me to the top 16. It's exceptionally good against anarchs which I saw all day. Farichild 3.0's keep the runner out of centrals as Jinju builds up a large remote to be topped by Surveyor or Loki. They typically don't run and you can just score out every other turn. But if they have the resources to run and you are poor a Sureveyor and Mumbad City Grid will keep all runners out for the rest of the game. This combo is especially good against stealth shaper. I went to all 2 pointers as Indexing was killing me in testing with 3 pointers. A special thanks to @greyfield for developing this deck with me. His deck performed great as well. Unfortunately, the only video you will see of this deck being played is against Apocalypse Val, which is a sad match up. If you're playing against Liza, just put Jinju on HQ at the beginning and you'll be fine. Against Anarch, watch out for stimhacks and run them out of resources as they run into your pointy things on centrals. Start scoring when Surveyor will keep them out alone.