Building a Better Scoring Server.

Captain 48

Here is a no nonsense Weyland Rush Deck that I have been having a lot of success with recently. An earlier version helped me to win a GNK tournament and it has since gotten better in my opinion with the release of Universe of Tomorrow and the asset Public Support. Public Supports fueling my Archer or Corporate Town is amazing and has added much needed consistency to the deck. This deck wants to build one remote server and score agendas or be housing a Public support or Corporate Town (until I have trashed all of their resources). If I have an agenda in hand and the remote is empty, install advance. I try and force the runner to come get it, if they did I hopefully have taxed them significantly and they're taking a tempo hit. Then next turn, I install and advance my next agenda. Oaktown Grid is so good for this because it ensures I don't lose tempo advancing agendas while the runner does trying to steal them. Ash 2X3ZB9CY is my late game play and my blackmail and inside job defense. Toughest matchup for my deck is definitely Valencia because Blackmail really screws with my plan to out tempo the runner, however, having played many games against her I found the match is 50/50 so I am happy with that.