RP Master Race - 1st Place Philippines National Championship

kookoobah 1170

Undefeated during Swiss and undefeated in double eliminations. Won versus Whizzard, Kate, Leela, Noise during Swiss, and beat Kate and Whizzard in double eliminations.

My 49th card was the 3rd Crick. It could easily have been any of the following, in this order: 3rd Crick, 1 Yagura, 2nd Bako, 1 Restructure. 1 Pad Campaign, 1 Tsurugi. In retrospect, 1 Yagura would probably have been better. There were times that I had too many Cricks that weren't pulling their weight.

DBS is way better than EBC. Viper did a lot of work, taxing runners on centrals.

Chronos Project WRECKED Kate's face TWICE, installed naked.

Susanoo + CVS destroys Kate. Eli + Lotus Field destroys Anarch and Criminal. Tollbooth is all around great.

26 Oct 2015 kennish

Congrats, Dale! Nice run yesterday.

26 Oct 2015 Dydra

I open to see top winning decks labeled 1st PLACE NATIONALS and latest chapter pack I see being used is Breaker Bay ....

26 Oct 2015 pang4

How does this fare against the new breed of DLR mill decks popping up? As an avid Glacier player myself, I fear those decks. What's the plan?

26 Oct 2015 ANRguybrush

RP is still the king.

26 Oct 2015 SlayerCNV

No Film Critic, I suppose.

Is it possible to ban @Dydra?

26 Oct 2015 prozz

@SlayerCNV :D

26 Oct 2015 kookoobah

@pang4 Those decks are pretty slow. Try to rush / score out before they can set up. If it's Valencia, wait for a Caprice so you have a chance against Blackmail. Or slot in an EBC.

@SlayerCNV Yep, Chrome City meta. I think it still has a chance though, maybe after GFI comes out.

26 Oct 2015 Jcree8

Is 3 crick working for you? I run jenteki a lot and hardly ever have crick fire, how does having 3 do in this deck?

26 Oct 2015 kookoobah

@Creedsk8 It's a little too much actually. Maybe 1 Yagura or the 2nd Bako would've been better. It doesn't do anything early game, but it turns on really fast. The moment they trash a Caprice or Sundew, it zooms up in usefulness. 3 Crick is better with Batty and EBC I think.

26 Oct 2015 sruman

I'm curious about Lotus Field against Anarch. Was no one running Faust? My experience with Lotus Field is that you're as likely to see Faust as Yog. Against Faust backed up by draw (wyldcakes usually), Lotus Field is a fairly poor ice investment. Additionally, several Anarch decks (whizzard + val good stuff) have a good chance of running Atman which can also make short work of LF (although Atman at 4 is not nearly as useful against this deck s usual). What was your experience against Faust?

26 Oct 2015 kookoobah

@sruman Chrome City meta. No Faust. Still, 2 cards is still 2 cards. The final legal datapacks were only announced one week before the Nationals so I playtested it against Noise with Faust and Peddler. The basic game plan remains the same, gear check and rush. Noise is a pretty bad matchup, Faust or no Faust.

Atman 4 is good, but the deck can punish Atman 4 with a Susanoo.

26 Oct 2015 aero

Nicely done @kookoobah. @Dydra is just pissed because he still can't win tournaments.