Data Leak Reversal

Data Leak Reversal 0[credit]

Resource: Virtual - Sabotage
Influence: 1

Install only if you made a successful run on a central server this turn.

If you are tagged, Data Leak Reversal gains "[click]: The Corp trashes the top card of R&D."

A two-way solution to a one-way problem, the data leak reversal, or DLR for short, is a misnomer. There is no actual reversal of data, only the creation of a parallel peer-to-peer link with the initial source.
Illustrated by Andrew Mar
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Future Proof (fp)

#103 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)
Future Proof

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This card exists for one and only one reason: to ensure whoever plays it will never again find a casual match within their regular playgroup. Pairs nicely with Noise: Hacker Extraordinaire with the traditional virus mill machine. Since you'll be floating tags anyway, be sure to pair this with Joshua B. and Amped Up to maximize the annoyance factor.

Do not, under any circumstances, run Hades Shard while using this card. The temptation to use it and immediately win by stealing 12-14 points of agendas from the archives for free is too great for all but the most steadfast millers. Stay the course, my friend, and soon you'll be basking in the glow of victory that can only be attained by flatlining the corp.

User discretion advised. This reviewer is not liable for injuries sustained or friendships lost while using this card.

(Chrome City era)
The worst Virtual resource, and yet still not enough to make Foxfire playable. Gaaah —
If a Corp detects a leak in it's data, it is always wise to fix it. Really, if they start milling you, trash DLR! Don't just sit there and try to Jackson everything back like I did. —
I also love the visual clue to Magic's early Millstone illustration. No, not just a cycle. —
Don't forget Paparazzi! If the corp won't tag you, then do it yourself. —