The not-so-peaceful garden

mendax 864

Basic plan - keep advancing your traps, using your ID as an econ engine. If they run them, they die. If they don't, they become economy via backchannels to fuel punitive after the runner steals one of your agendas. People don't see this coming because meat damage out of Nisei Division has never been done before.

I took this to Brazilian Nats and made the cut, with this deck going 6 - 1

26 Oct 2015 RJayz

Tried this on Jinteki after watching you on stream, and I have to say it's a very effective strategy. You keep making the Runner second guess if they want to run your advanced remotes. Reminds me a lot of Beale or no Beale. I tried Clairvoyant Monitor, and it helped a lot in getting free advancements on either your agenda or Ronin/Junebug.

26 Oct 2015 mendax

I wanted to include Clairvoyant Monitor but unfortunately I'd lent mine to a friend who hadn't bought that pack yet.

26 Oct 2015 GrantZilla1979

Oh, this makes me very happy. I've been brainstorming a solid way to get Puniteki Jinterstrike to work, and this just comes right out of left field where all good jank lives. I doff my hat to you, sir.

27 Oct 2015 SlayerCNV

None play Film Critic eh?

27 Oct 2015 Saan

@mendax I love how there was actually a situation where someone was actually like "I want to include Clairvoyant Monitor in a deck, but can't because someone else wanted it too for some terrifying reason. Fun looking deck, my hat's off to you =)

27 Oct 2015 phirephox

This Deck looks wonderfully crafted. I like these Jinteki off-focus decks and this one is kinda awesome. I'm gonna try it at my local scene and see how it takes

27 Oct 2015 SlySquid

i love the deck! but I'm going to correct you and say meat damage has most certainly been done out of this ID, I've been playing my PsiSquid deck for over a year now... i will say I've never seen an Punitive Counterstrike version!

28 Oct 2015 moistloaf

Podoboyz from Seattle posted a tournament winning deck using this shell several weeks ago and was in popular deck lists for awhile. Pretty silly to claim to be doing something first in Netrunner

29 Oct 2015 podoboyz99

@moistloaf Thanks for the shoutout, but I didn't even come up with the idea. @Lemonbrick came up with Nisei Devision Vanity Project deck. That said, this deck is quite different than mine. It runs more ice, abd it does every fast to Parasite It also dosn't play Allele Repression. However, claiming meat out of Nisei has never been done is pretty ignorant of you.

29 Oct 2015 mendax

I feel like I may need to point out something here: sarcasm exists. Hell, about the only thing Nisei Division can do is play meat damage. As a side note I am well aware of Lemonbrick's decks.

4 Nov 2015 Kelfecil

Awesome to see people using the same (kind of) strategy out of Nisei Division! :D Not the first time meat damage is done out of it, but still kudos!

I tried a version of Nisei with punitive, but it didn't really work out for me, especially with Film Critic, I found that it doesn't make sense, since they will install Film Critic anyway (because you are Nisei Division and they expect Future Perfects). The 6/4 agenda though makes it interesting, I like that.

I would personally play with psychic fields and replace the cerebral casts since they kind of make them smell danger. I don't see the point to the Cerebral Casts if you just play Punitive and not Scorched Earth. Scaring them with Cerebral Cast and having them install plascrete ruins it imho.

Also, the psychic fields are MAJOR players if you REALLY want a tempo hit as well as a good economy asset out of this ID.

Also, is the "Garden" name a pointer to my Nisei Garden series of decks? If so, then thanks :3 (If not, then we are probably soul mates).