Prepaid Apex

lowflyingbando 1

Get lots of cards, get Endless Hunger, and make runs. I don't need lots of money to run with Endless Hunger but I do need lots of cards. Cheap events inspired by PPVP Kate. Infiltration is there to see what's installed or how many subroutines on an unrezzed piece of ice (can go face down if not needed). I'd love some feedback.

29 Oct 2015 scd

You'll face the common problems that Apex faces -- Enigma, Tsurugi, etc. Ice that don't have simple ETR subs on them won't be broken by Endless Hunger, so you'll need another way to get through/around those if you want to land an Apocalypse. I've been playing with Faust and that's somewhat successful, but then you're churning through your entire deck even faster. Pretty sure you don't need the 3x Special Order here and could free up some influence there to fit in more breaker options.

29 Oct 2015 hexsyn

I'm definitely curious to see how it works! I'm not sure what you'll be spending the PPVP+econ event money on since the rest of your cards aren't terribly expensive, but this is definitely an approach to making econ work in Apex. I like the idea of an event-heavy apex when choosing 3X apocalypse, however I will say that the PPVP's will run counter to the benefits of apocalypse and vice-versa. Could you get away with just having the events and forgoing the PPVPs?

29 Oct 2015 scd

If you keep the Prepaid VoicePAD, I'd find room for another Lucky Find or two. But I've personally tried it in Apex a bunch of times and it typically ends up going facedown.

29 Oct 2015 Pinkwarrior

@lowflyingbando if your looking to Apocalypse id suggest getting I've Had Worse in their cos from my experience Scorched Earth usually follows. also Always Be Running works well with Endless Hunger for breaking them problem ICE but the problem with that is influence and set-up you really dont want to be Apocalypseing a set-up like that.

It's kinda a shame that Sub Boost is a corp card really.