Gankin' in the 40s - 8th @ ACC 2024

krysdreavus 481

I've been playing 40 cards Azmari for a while, since tuno and Rielle convinced some of us at QtM that it was the optimal choice for this deck. Personally I'm not actually that convinced but I went along because it's very funny.

The few changes I made were completely untested going into the tournament, I only played a few games with sable in preparation and decided to put the Ganked! in at the last minute as a meme, the better cards in that slot are Hedge Fund, Gaslight, Attitude Adjustment and probably a bunch of other stuff including Intake.

Big thanks to everyone in QtM for helping me massively improve as a player in the last year, the QtM Quantum Chamber works!

3 Jun 2024 AugustusCaesar

I am a ganked believer, but it do love the mavirus. physarum is very scary for this deck

5 Jun 2024 Diogene

40 cards let's gooooooo!