Foodcoats Defrosted - (2017 San Antonio Regional - Top 8)

Kopiok 378

This is a classic Foodcoats. It should look extremely familiar and I won't bore you with the broad strokes. I'll make some finer points, though!

#5/23 after Swiss, #8/23 after the cut. 3-2 on the day.

Crisium is insanely high-value in this meta, but I also want 2 Caprice. How do I fit it? Drop an Architect (;-;) for the influence. Didn't really miss it, and this deck feels way good with the Crisium.

Ash is... less good than he used to be. Still nice to have every once in a while, but Runners get rich now and with FiHP Caprice is just much more reliable. He also cries over link. I would go down to a single Ash and get a card slot back, no questions asked.

Ark Lockdown was a call to potentially deal with Siphon Spam, MaxX-type trash breaker decks, or Clot removal. At just one with no tutor it's just too hard to make sure it's there when you can use it for impact, and it's mostly useless outside of those specific situations which can be better taken care of by Caprice/Crisium. I'ma cut this right away.

No Cyberdex. Not a ton of Medium running around and any Clot is coming with SacCon so screw you anyway.

2 Turing is great if you're seeing AI around a lot, but I'd go down to 1 if you're not (like me). Not sure what I'd replace it with. Maybe some other Sentry?

With the 2 slots from the Ash/Ark cut I'd consider adding IPOs, to smooth out midgame econ, or Scarcity of Resources, to help with Rumor Mill and create early resource econ pressure if that's showing up around you.

Foodcoats can go way faster than some people expect. You should rush with this deck. Rush as fast as possible.


Game 1 vs. Smoke - W

Iced up HQ and a Remote with Adonis turn 1. They stuck a Temujin on Archives instead of R&D and didn't empty it. They started setting up their board state while I rushed out an ABT early and fired with no Jackson on the table. Hit an Eli to double-ice R&D and put an Architect over Archives where I had to dump a GFI. They needed money badly and decided to grab Temujin money from Archives letting Architect fire. I stuck the GFI in my remote and put down an Adonis from R&D. They could get into the remote so I just left the GFI in there while I Biotic'd another 3/2. I took a couple of turns to stabilize my econ and find a Caprice, then scored out the GFI they never checked for in my remote for the win.

Game 2 vs. Dyper - L

I'm super duper inexperienced playing vs. Dyper (in fact, I think this was the first time I ever did?) and I didn't know what I was doing. I played pretty normally and just lost once the combo came out. Don't play normally vs. Dyper.

Game 3 vs. Temujin Whizz - W

Early ice placements stunted their econ and I rushed out 4 points behind ice. They were starting to build their board state so I figured it was now-or-never and attempted to ram a GFI with a Caprice, knowing they could contest at least 1 time. They were able to get in 2 times, and 2 Psi Games later I finished scoring the GFI for the win.

Game 4 vs. Temujin Whizz - W

Game flowed pretty "normally" as I tried to quickly score some agendas from my remote with no upgrades before they could set up. They ended up drawing until the second-to-last card in the deck to get their code-gate breaker before they felt comfortable running, by which time I had 4 points. Still not finding my defensive upgrades, I drew a GFI and had 2 Biotic in hand and was waiting for a way to stick the GFI on the table. They hit me a few times with Maw, gracefully missing my GFI with each pull. I was able to set up an Ash and when they got low on credits after their Maw pokes I snuck out the GFI for the win.

Losers Bracket Cut vs Dyper - L

Same Dyper deck as in round 2. I'd received sage advice from a friend after my first loss: You just need 7 ICE. So, I set about securing a remote and stacking ice on R&D. I drew well and was able to score out a Vitruvius with a counter and an ABT that I didn't fire because more than half my ice was already on the table. HQ was undefended and I got my 7-stack on R&D before they were able to set up. I had an ABT in my remote with a rezzed Caprice that they couldn't get to. They were forced to pull their power turn and swept away my R&D ice tower until I could rez the inner Eli. Unfortunately, they had a ton of clicks and a Brahman. They were able to Equivocation/Keyhole... 4 or 5 times (I think?) on the turn. They dumped a Vitruvius first which I retrieved with my scored counter. They then dumped the 2 GFIs and a CST to sit at 6 points. They were low on money and couldn't hit my remote so I Biotic'd the Vitruvius from my hand and left the ABT. On the next turn I had to rez the second ice on R&D (another Eli) to stop a click-through Keyhole, leaving me with only 2 credits and preventing me from scoring the ABT in the remote. Then I top-decked a #!%$ing agenda. I had to just take credits and wait. They couldn't get into R&D or my remote, so they just desperation ran my hand and hit the agenda on their first run, screaming with joy.

I don't think I could have played a much more perfect game against that Dyper than I did here; just got unlucky. But that kind of luck is one of the reasons I love to play Netrunner! Great game and great tournament.

11 Jun 2017 esutter479

I'm not sold on Ash at all anymore. I use 2 Scarcity of Resources instead now in my Foodcoats deck. Caprice is either gonna do its job, or it's not...simple as that...but regardless, the runner is going to lose some amount of credits getting accesses.

11 Jun 2017 Kopiok

@esutter479: I don't think you've made a bad decision at all. I still kinda like one because sometimes he does work and sometimes Caprice decides to be at the bottom of your deck.... But I could easily be convinced not to use Ash at all.