Imperfect Perfection (4th Place Child's Play Tournament)

junior_varsity 124

Going into a charity tournament, I didn't know what Corp deck to bring. I wanted to bring IG, but I was told I shouldn't be jerk. So, I didn't.

I decided on old reliable RP because I had recently played it in a draft and to expand on some of the ideas that came from that deck.

With the agenda suite, I previously with able to go with the classic suite with NAPD and Future Perfect, but as we all come to find out no matter if the agenda can defend itself, 5-3 agenda is a liability. We have also come to find out that it is harder for a runner to steal four instead of three.

I thought that Medical Breakthrough was a good fit because just like NAPD it's not the biggest deal if the Runner steals it because it makes it stronger in the later game not by slowing the Runner down but making me finish faster game.

At the moment, this is not an optimal list. But I feel like this is a good jumping off point. On the day, it did okay. Although, half was because of poor play and the other half because of bad luck.

Round 1 - Alexi (Ken "Express" Tenma)

The game didn't go well for me because off of one Maker's Eye he stole three agendas on his first R&D access of the game. Couldn't really recover after that.

Round 2 - Thomas (Noise)

As soon as I saw the ID, I regretted playing RP. He did Noise things and seemed that every mill he got was an agenda. He won my by like turn 8.

Round 3 - Simon (Haley Kaplan)

He wasn't able to find econ or set up at all during the game. Meanwhile I found everything I needed and was able to double ICE centrals and a remote and have two Sundews dripping in major cash. I scored out really quickly.

Round 4 - Jeff (Rebirth Andy)

He was able to slow me down with Employee Strike and trashing econ cards and trashing Jeeves. The game was an absolute slog because both of use couldn't get any sure footing. Jeff also got really unlucky with his access, especially on HQ most of the game I had one or two agendas in hand and he was never able to find them.

I just waited for him to drain money on central runs and ride on Caprice. It was difficult because he had Kati to keep his econ stable. I was able to finally score a Nisei into another Nisei for the win. You know, RP things.

Shout out to the Ghost Branch crew for throwing an awesome event.

10 Jul 2017 internet_potato

By "you shouldn't be a jerk," I meant "I don't think that this will be the most cut-throat tournament in the world and I really, really don't want to go up against your monster of an IG deck." :D