Baloney Azmari (SOCR11 2nd Place)

internet 806

This deck went 7-2 (4-1 in swiss, 3-1 in the cut) over the course of SOCR11.

I've been playing some variant of 5/3 Azmari since SOCR5, and six events later, it continues to be great. Hustle to 4-6, then force the runner into either paying a fortune to run NGO Front or threaten the Punitive Counterstrike kill. You can occasionally blunder into Punitive kills that feel entirely undeserved, which explains at least a few of my wins this SOCR. The ice suite continues to improve with the addition of Gold Farmer, which frees up influence formerly used for Eli 1.0, and Bellona continues to be total baloney.

Cheers to Sanjay for running a great tournament, and to the NYC SOCR folk for being amazing testing partners.