Zoo Hoshiko - Now with extra wrms

Late 444

Hi there!

Here's a banlisty-fied Version of an earlier deck of mine, that I enjoyed playing.

With the new Banlist online, I had to forego Filmcritic and was also expecting to see more asset spammy decks, therefor I included a Fencer Fueno, which can help stealing Bellonas or Ikawahs as well as helping with assets, so why the heck not, why the heck not!

From there on out I just wanted to cram every restricted and formerly banned card into the Deck, so Paperclip was a given, Zero and Bufferdrive for some non-runbased draw and some small econ - check aaaand check - basically the former is like a class act filter draw and half a daily cast - which both had to go because I didn't have slots nor influence for them and i wanted to add some more formerly unplayable cards like tapwrms combined with labor rights to be more annoying!

I cut down some extra copies of companions, a Dreamnet, a Boomerang and stuff and with all these changes I wasn't sure if I still wanted to play Odore - which really only works with 3 virtual ressources - so i swapped my 2 copies for a Single copy of MK and a Aumakua hoping the constant draws from the ID, Dreamnet, and ZeroDrive filtering would find me everything I needed as fast as I needed it. Overall it did work out okay I would say and I had fun piloting the deck.


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31 Jan 2023 RCG

Dear Late, enjoy your extra Deckslot.