Yogper v 1.Guy

Cliquil 1208

This is published in part by request of the great Dypermaster Dave Saiya himself.

I had banged on about this to him online for a while. I think he thought i was joking. To be fair those that know me know that my Netrunner advice should be ignored about 3/5 s of the time as only 2/5s of the time am I trying to make sensible decisions and only half of those are successful.

I played a version of this at Aldershot GNK and the deck performed better than I expected. The version I took had a Knight instead of Forged activation Orders and I think a couple of decisions I made while deckbuilding that were the wrong call and I can't really remember them.

I also am publishing as I don't really want to play this style of deck. It...is...stressful. I also don't really like spending as much time having to make a huge single turn plan. I also don't think I am ever going to suit it. I did make 2 game losing decisions in 5 rounds for while I abolutely blame piloting error.

So what IS this deck?

Well if you're unfamiliar with the "Dyper" model your plan is to build up your own boardstate so that you can pop many Hyperdrivers and find some way to make as many Keyhole runs as possible in one turn finding someway to mitigate the cost. There have been many versions of this; some used False Echo & DDos to gradually fold the ice back into HQ, later versions just used Faust to get a friendly apocalypse to open up the way, I think there is a Vamp version around the place.

This version however attempts to use the ever so ludicrous breaking cost of Yog to line up code gates (or, more appropriately Ice you turn into code gates) and make R&D free to get into for the turn.

A typical "big turn" involves me playing Careful Planning on a remote piece of ice, Tinkering on pieces of Ice on HQ and getting an Egret down on some other piece of ice rezzed somewhere of appropriate strength. Escher then follows - pushing all the ice that wants to be on R&D there. If there was ice ove 4 strength 1 or 2 Helpful AIs can be popped (working around the unique limitation by popping one and then installing the other).

The one advantage this deck has over other typical cousins of the Dyper family is that it finds it easier to have a remote threat and my recommended future changes would likely be to increase the amount of Tinkerings and Careful Plannings and possibly the Helpful AIs to allow that to continue to be the case. This remote threat slows the game slightly and allows for a reasonably confidence in getting all the pieces one needs for the biggest of big turns.

In terms of econ package I have largely stolen from the World's list and made a modification here and there where I thought influence had allowed me to get away with things.

The Forged is there as a way to get Ice rezzed without having to facecheck it which can be a pain.

I am going to leave this to the brotherhood of Dypers to make of it what they wish. I am going to move on to jank pastures new. I'll leave it to the experts if they want this.