B-Comm MTI 5th place

ayyyliens 543

This is the corp I took to the Barcelona Community Event.

During swiss it won versus 419 & Adam but dropped games versus 2 vals and a GNI net tap 419. It also won a game in the cut versus Leela.

If you are looking for a MTI glacier deck I recommend the Border Casino List. It's ice suite seems better suited for this meta.

The Mason Bellamy did nothing as I never actually drew it, but I didnt feel like I needed him at all.

Thanks to Vesper & the spanish community for organizing such a fun event! During the weekend I met some lovely people and I hope I will meet them again in future netrunner events.

24 Jan 2019 vesper

"This decklist is not legal for tournament play currently, due to Card Errata, Rotation or the Most Wanted List." Hmmmmm ;-)

Technical jokes aside, my most favourite Jinteki alt art ever, as always :-) Congrats on reaching the Top 8! We're all hoping to see you soon!