Wild Thing - 3rd at Euros

Nemamiah 3938

This list is what results from Tim Fowler repeatedly suggesting that you could cut an Indexing from Val until you eventually agree because Euros is in two days and you just can't think of any more rational arguments other than 'But Indexing is really good...:

Anyway, this is the list that we ended up on. It's notably tuned for Rush, which we correctly predicted would be the big common factor of the Corp meta. That meant finding space for more breakers, with a second Aumakua being the preferred option. Strike is too good not to play three of and all of the other influence is sacrosanct, so the second Indexing ended up being the cut.

The other two influence that created went on two copies of Dueces Wild, which gives you a little bit of extra draw. There is some circumstantial utility against CtM and Argus, and the tiniest bit of synergy with Aumakua as well. I was way happier than I expected to be every time I drew it, so it's probably okay.

The only other notable tweak was to swap the third Mining Accident for a second Turntable. Accident is dead against Weyland rush, which we expected (again correctly) to be the dominant faction in terms of representation. Turntable is extremely strong in that matchup and is generally good anyway. I didn't ever miss the extra accidents, so this was probably okay too.

Thanks to everyone I played and the many people who spent way too many hours dissecting every card in this list.

3 Jun 2018 Watzlav

I guess now you've got all the arguments for a second Indexing.

Congratulations! I really enjoyed watching your games.