Can I Boom! anyone? - [ 3 - 1 ] 2nd @ Turin SC

ALFlex 13

Hey There! Flex here to present you my take of Hydra CtM by Django84

It's basically the same list because slots are tight and it's hard to refine an already very good list, but i managed to add 2 DBS because card is bonkers and allows you to find answers (if you need those) or piece to close the game faster.

To do that, I removed:

  • 1 Hard-Hitting News: I think 2 are easy enough to find (with DBS) when you really need it and when you land it or opponent dies or you have a big enough tempo swing to close the game;
  • 1 Amani Senai: this is mostly a meta call since i wasn't expecting many big targets like Hivemind MaxX at the tournament

The list perfomed great leading me to 2nd place in the tournament (in my very 1st in person tournament, can't still believe it!). Sadly enough I couldn't Boom! anyone and always won by scoring out thanks to SanSan.

The single lost game was due:

  1. not finding any economy, but a Hedge Fund and a Pad Campaign;
  2. flood in hand with 2 Bellona (mulligan with 1 Bellona and the second came with the first mandatory draw) e not having nor Spin nor DBS;
  3. koga: because he's even more bonkers than this awesome list and managed to start with 3 cast and 1 Fermenter in the first 2 turns and have Conduit and Progenitor + Hivemind already at turn 4/5. You can find the match here. I still have nightmares. The only reasons i was still alive after those digs was because the 2 Ares i managed to score.

All in all, it was a great tournament, plenty of awesome people and i thank everyone to let me get in the awesome Italian Netrunner Community.