Mwanza Mishap at Tempus Temple (Cache Refresh)

count_slackula 64

This is the Corp deck I took to the Euros Cache Refresh Tournament. Finished 29th.

I threw this deck together, played two games with it on jinteki and decided "Yes, Mwanza and Tempus are best friends and this deck will win me the cache refresh tournament undoubtedly." I was...em, wrong, but the deck is still fun(ny) so I'm publishing it!

So, Film Critic doesn't exist in Cache Refresh, and Punitive Counterstrike does... which meant a lot of folks were running PE. But instead of opting for good stuff PE, like with Ash or meaningful Ice, this deck decides: the runner can access everything and maybe hopefully it will be Bacterial Reprogramming and I can kill them or maybe hopefully it will be Obokata Protocol and I can kill them. It can get to six points for sure, but scoring the gene splicer can be tough, especially with nearly everyone packing a Feedback Filter. Kill is your best bet, and I'd nearly recommend mulliganing for Punitive. As there are only two allowed in CR, they're tough to find and if the runner gets to Six points before you kill them, the game gets hard.

The dream: you're rich and your scoring remote has two Tempus and Obokata in it?

This deck could be made a lot better, but hey, CR is for fun right?

luv life luv tempus luv y'all, aido