Builder of Lockdown the 10th

Dunsch 97

Thanks Vesper for the great Lockdown tournaments and the grat opportunity to play against cool people. As this is a more or less Standard Government Takeover list the restrictions of Lockdown 10 weren't great the only card lost was Border Control and there would only be one in. The general idear is to build up the centrals with ICE and advance them and to advance rezzed ICE with Dedication Ceremony, you can argue that it's useless and after I turnament I felt so too. There is no need for an extra place to put tokens on when you have ICE for it and are able to use Red Planet Couriers. The Odudawa is really nice for building up tokens clicklessly and to make your ICE stronger.

For the games I sweeped the 1sth and 3rd round and got sweeped the other two. There were 2 types of games I encountered the ones where I could put out my agendas freely and the runner wasn't really able to encounter anything or the other way round where the runner was so rich or the ICE not strong enouth to hold the runner out. It should be obviously which I lost and which of them I won ;-). Thanks to Grim, longi, Frizzler and Cpt_nice!!!