SSO, or "Why am I like this in 2023"

saetzero 2486

I don't know why I play weird silly things, but here we are.

It's been pretty successful so far. Masvingo is actually quite nice vs the boat, as is Reduced Service on a important turn.

You could probably run a second Red Planet Couriers, as a more reliable way to end games (Biotic > RPC is always a fun time in SSO) but what you cut for it is your choice. Probably the NAPD Cordon (but i do like Cordon to milk out some Oaktown for another SSO trigger/money from the bonus advancements)

Wall to wall is an all star to get the 3rd advance on a ice you started with Oaktown.

Its fun. Try it.

Mulligan for 1 public agenda, 1 advanceable ice you can rez on turn 1, and ideally 1 econ card. The rest is whatever.