Why did it have to be Snares? (4-1 @ CoL, 4-2 @ Worlds)

Odol 1006

AgInfusion seems like a nice answer to a meta full of Apocalypse, Starate and Khusyuk, as not only does it stop the problematic run, but also makes the runner face whatever nastiness you happen to have rezzed on your favorite inconsequential server. This deck has been successfully flatlining runners with Snares and Cortex Lock Batties the entire NISEI event last weekend, while sometimes also scoring out behind Excaliburs, Data Loops and Chiyashis that my opponents had to encounter over and over again. The addition of 2x Too Big to Fail let me use an extremely expensive ice suite without the need to slot in Celebrity Gifts - the one card that spoils all the fun from discovering the plethora of susprises that your HQ holds at any given moment.

I would like to thank all the players I met and faced for the amazing time I had at the event, as well as the marvelous NISEI crew who made it all possible. Rock on!