Standard Val - Top 3 at UK Ranking Finals

Nemamiah 3938

This is the latest iteration of a refusal to play anything other than Val.

Going on to Lozz Pozz (which is what cool kids like me call the UK Rankings Final) we were pretty sure that runner was up and that there were viable decks in all three factions, as long as you were prepared to ram three copies of Crowdfunding in to whatever you built. We thought that there might be a lock Hayley build, but none of us were keen on playing it so we didn't bother looking for it. I flirted with Smoke a bit but came to my senses on the morning of the event, on the reasoning that Anarch is more familiar and the most fun faction.

It's actually more interesting to talk about the cards that aren't in this list. John Masanori got cut because he doesn't synergise with the occasional late game strategy of repeatedly bouncing off a central to charge Turning Wheel, and can occasionally get you unexpectedly wrecked by stuff like Border Control. Kati Jones was proposed instead of the third Liberated Accounts, but didn't make it because it's underwhelmingly slow and doesn't give you credits in your pool in order to survive Argus tagging stuff. Ice Carver was cut in favour of the second Datasucker, which synergises better with cheap runs to recur Crowdfunding.

I finished first and Seamus finished third on this list. Tim was meant to be playing this too but, in an act of shocking betrayal that will live long in infamy, secretly cut a Turning Wheel and a Mining Accident for a Dorm Computer and a Knifed in order to boost his matchup against Argus, which no less than four of us had decided to play. Happily kharma promptly caught up with him and condemned him to a lowly second place finish. Boy was his face red.

Anyway, the deck's pretty good.

4 Dec 2018 timfast

think of how sick it would have been if I'd won a ceremonial knife by playing knifed.

4 Dec 2018 whirrun

What's the Argus list?

4 Dec 2018 Nemamiah

@whirrun Seamus is going to publish it this week, but it's very standard