[Startup] Witness She/Her

rgdelato 35

Just for fun, I've been playing versions of QtM's APAC 2023 decks (She/Hershiko and Sparrow Brawler) in the Startup format.

I wouldn't normally publish these, but I was video-recording games the for US West Coast Nationals 2023 and when the tournament organizer convinced me that I really should play, these were the decks I had with me (which by coincidence, were both standard legal).

So these decks are published here for posterity on Always Be Running. I was swept in every game on the day (as you would expect), but I had a great time and I look forward to having some fun Netrunner videos for you all to watch in the near future!

9 Oct 2023 Aku22

Briliant deck. Really good for those hungry to eat some tasty tasty oppos and launches.